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About Us

About Us

Simon Group Production is a young new film production company developed to create a series of short films regarding the life of Arsenio Lupin based on the script of a young writer, Simone Poletto.

That' s when we started wondering how many young and unknown talented writers with interesting indeas about films, scripts, documentaries and short films might be looking for producers.

The next step was to create a virtual space where all ideas could be published, shared, apreciated and possibly become a reality on screen or on the new medias thus giving new possibilities to these talented writers.

This is how this futuristic project was born, an interactive platform available to anyone, where what makes the difference is the ideas and the power of dreams.

About To Be Edit

About To Be Edit

“2bedit” has the ambition to give anyone, from everywhere in the world from any social level to propose, correct, implement, evaluate and maybe even produce his cinematographic project or idea in the entertainment industry. At the end of the day the thing that really counts for building a successful product is always the same: a winning idea!... and anyone can be the owner of a winning idea!

Let’s make a few examples… the subject for Harry Potter was used for bedtime stories, written on bistrot napkins… who would have ever thought that on those napkins a planetary success was written?

Or “the big brother”… a viral TV format that has won millions of viewers around the world, thought up by a Dutch guy, a normal person’s intuition generated unimaginable profits!

We can find multiple examples… we know some that made it, but how many out there have a winning story but never found a way to make it happen… how many had to give up or never had a lucky hit or never knew who to bring it to?

Now we have “2bedit”

How does it work: is an idea recipient that is born with the specific concept of creating a virtual environment of stoking, evaluation, implementation and valorisation of and scene plays for movies but not only, for example ideas for videogames, documentaries, tv products of any make or format, from quizzes to cartoons.

Within this recipient we aim to favour a triangulation between:

  • 1) the “raw” resource, a subject that presents it’s idea
  • 2) the valorise, who reads, corrects, helps valorise it; (students in final years of movie schools or whoever has the right and proven skillset)
  • 3) The transformer, the production house, major or independent, big or small that buys and build the revised material in a finished product with it’s own means or with the author or through crowdfunding. In the case the transformer decides to buy the subject/screenplay the author will receive our support in mediating.

For what concerns entrance, registration and the first steps in the 2bedit world, you can see the tutorial on our webpage or the one on our Kickstarter page.

We think it is important to explain what the website currently provides the user:

  • Option FREE: in order to give the chance to who has no means to invest any sum of money to participate at our project publishing his work or idea entering a competition open to all our registered members. Everyone within the community is judge of everyone’s work. Every six months the 20 best ideas are presented and production houses by us freely.
  • Option Exclusive: For who believes in investing a small sum we provide the opportunity to have the idea/project directly reviewed by a professional in the industry, before it is presented to a production house. (hence the small cost)

IMPORTANT: the idea is to give the same chance to all our users, this is what we believe in and what this project is based on, so we declare that as soon 2bedit will generate a positive income the Option exclusive will be eliminated in favour or the Option Free so that all users may access our professional services for free!


If 2bedit were to have success we hope it will we already have a few ideas we wish to implement within our project:

  • - web series section and monthly contest for developing YOUR web series
  • - Graphics and Multilanguage support for the website
  • - Section for Teaser trailers
  • - Web space for creation of multi user projects between two or more users from anywhere in the globe
  • - A space to develop short movies, which will be presented to various film festivals around the globe

The distance between dreams and reality ....It's call



Who hasn't spent hours dreaming about stories of love and adventure? Stories where the present, past and future mix like reality and fiction, stories where our fantasy is the only protagonist?

There's who dreams alone at night in bed, who dreams all teh time with open eyes, who puts his dreams on paper to cherish the magic of the moment, and who turns dreams into reality, something tangible that can be shared.

"The world is in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and run the risk of living your dreams." Paolo Coelho

Understanding this truth we created a platform to connect you and your ideas to film schools and film production companies to turn your indeas into reality.

With 2b-edit we want to reach all those people around the world who have ideas to share but don't know who to contact. While we were working on 2b-edit we had the change to discuss out project with friends and the feedback was very encouraging. This gave us the motivation to keep working hard on our ambitious on unique project.

As we know, the main production companies don't have time to look at scripts coming from people who are unknow to this particular world, so we decided to offer an innovative service to new writers and scenographers.

We intend to creat a virtual space where ideas meet opportunity and can finally become a reality.

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